Giant Pandas are no longer endangered according to the Chinese conservation officials.

Giant pandas no longer endangered but still vulnerable, says China - BBC  News

Chinese conservation officials have declared that Giant Pandas are no longer endangered species. Years of work and research has resulted in the rise of their population up to 1800. They have been given an updated status of ‘vulnerable’ from ‘endangered’. 

Giant pandas are known to be very difficult to breed. The females are only able to conceive 24-72 hours in a year. China’s conservation techniques included; setting up panda reserves, relocating residents from panda habitats, training local personnel to be rangers and breeding pandas in captivity. 

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Years and years of practicing these methods  has finally resulted in the population increase of these Giant Pandas in the wild. 

Who Discovered the Panda?

Internationally Giant Pandas have been considered ‘vulnerable’ for almost 5 years now. In 2016 the International Union for Conservation of Nature removed the Giant Pandas from the list of endangered animals. Chinese officials challenged this decision at the time.  

China’s State Forestry Administration claimed at the time that if they downgrade, relax or neglect their conservation status, the pandas could suffer irreversible loss and all the work they have done so far would go in vain. Therefore they are not being alarmist as they decide to continue the work and emphasize the panda’s ‘endangered’ status.      

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