Digital Pets: A New Influencer Trend in Singapore

COVID-19 pandemic has opened up a plethora of new niches for Instagram influencers, including one for pets! A rapid increase in the number of pet celebrities is being seen all across Singapore.

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COVID-19 lockdown has prompted people to shop for pets and keep them; creating space for owners to make social media handles for showcasing the lives of their pets and gather millions of followers. The number of pet influencers in Singapore is booming and several digital pets have received celebrity status among the youth.

Sasha and Piper, two beautiful doggies are perfect examples of celebrity pets. Their owner manages their social media handles and uploads their everyday activities regularly on their Instagram page, “Lomodoggies”. The dogs adorned in matching hats and trendy accessories can often be seen posing for the camera.  Both Sasha and Piper have over time earned thousands of dollars and have endorsed multiple brands including electronics and shoes. They are even managed and run by a proper PR agency like any other celebrity.

PR companies for pet influencers take on animals ranging from cats to even parrots.  The company which represents Sasha and Piper also manages a cat called Brossy Meowington . Meowington has more than 50,000 followers and like Sasha and Piper is a social media influencer.

Carrie Er, the owner of Sasha and Piper realized the business potential when she started sharing pictures of Sasha online and received adoration from hundreds of people. She would dress up Sasha in cute costumes and would shoot her pictures while she played adorably with her toys.

While sharing about her journey as the owner of two pets who are social influencers, the marketing manager in her 40s said, “We just wanted to do a daily blog of her, capturing some precious moments like her beautiful face and her activities”.

From the wish to only do a daily blog, Er ended up with Sasha endorsing several products and soon enough Piper, a former show dog, was brought into Sasha’s life by Er to complete the picture.

The duo now has nearly 24,000 followers on Instagram and earns around 500 Singapore dollars ($370, 315 euros) for every marketing deal they sign.

Their owner is picky about which products they promote and rejects offers from products she deems unfit.

Image Source: The Woof Agency

The demand for pet influencers to endorse products is high as companies are looking to increase their sales online amidst the COVID crisis.

Jane Peh, co-founder of The Woof Agency that represents Er’s dogs’ says, “I think pet influencers generally have an advantage because we just love pets”.

“They are cute — you can’t hate them”, she further added.

Peh’s agency manages more than 6000 social media accounts of pets.

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