David Beckham and Tom Cruise’s fist bump has got twitter talking.

David Beckham and Tom Cruise fist bump after England's emphatic first goal against Italy - swiftheadline

Tom Cruise’s fist bump to David Beckham following Shaw’s goal has gotten a lot of attention on Twitter. 

During the Euro 2020 final between Italy and England at Wembley Stadium in London, Tom Cruise and football legend David Beckham shared an incredible moment of friendship. The moment occurred early in the game, when Luke Shaw scored to put England ahead in less than two minutes.

Following Shaw’s goal, which gave England a 1-0 lead, Cruise and Beckham gave each other a fist bump. Shaw’s goal in the European Championship final was the fastest ever. At Wembley Stadium, Shaw scored 1 minute and 57 seconds into the match versus Italy.

The Twitterati were eager to rave about the moment when two of the world’s most famous people met.

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